• Client Stories

To care for the well-being
of our body is an expression
of gratitude
toward the whole universe
the trees
the clouds
toward all.

• Thich Nhat Hanh •

"I have been seeing Gina regularly for eight years, and I can no longer imagine my life without polarity and its benefits. My initial appointment was to address a consistent back pain that had been with me for months. I had been through ultrasounds, x-rays, chiropractors, and osteopaths before arriving at Gina. Within weeks my pain lessened and was gone.  In addition to the physical issues going away, any issues I had with anxiety prior to seeing Gina have been eliminated. It was through the polarity process that I came to understand the undeniable connection between our emotional and physical selves.

Like traditional talk therapy, you are given the opportunity to discuss how much or how little you want to address at the beginning of an appointment. Though Gina is there to hear you, I appreciate the ability to guide the conversation. Then there is the added combination of the table work after the sometimes exhausting task of unloading verbally. The atmosphere, the aromatherapy, the calm, and the ability to get quiet and recenter while laying on the table has allowed me to carry that feeling for the weeks to follow until my next appointment.  At this point my body recognizes when it's time for my next appointment. I am able to do a lot of self-work between sessions, but know there is energetic work that must be consistently addressed by someone I completely trust to be the best at her line of work."
Sonya Tomlinson,
Volunteer and Program Coordinator at The Telling Room


"When I arrived at Moksha Center in January 2011 my life had been thrown terribly out of balance. I was in transition professionally and I felt low energetically as well as emotionally. My cholesterol was off the charts, total was 329 and LDL was 238. My family is prone to high cholesterol so I wasn’t sure how much of a difference I could make. My biggest concern was that my primary care physician was at the point where she advised medications to lower my cholesterol. I wanted to avoid that if at all possible.

As soon as I arrived and met Gina I felt like I could finally exhale. Gina provided a serene, compassionate place where I could start healing myself on all levels. She took the time to truly listen and understand me as a whole person. In my first visit we started to put together a plan that encompassed my diet, exercise, herbal supplements and how to set intentions that eased my emotional worries. The energy work she did unlocked my body and restored balance. Within weeks I felt more grounded. I was certainly more comfortable in my body and mind. I was definitely feeling a positive difference due to the dietary changes. As we continued to work she suggested self-massage with specific oils that were a soothing practice I could do at home. Our sessions allowed me to explore the patterns of my life and to be open to the opportunities that lay ahead. The results were amazing both externally and internally. Five months later I had my blood work done again and my doctor was amazed at the results I had achieved in such a short time. My cholesterol had dropped significantly, total 220, my LDL dropped to 120. All other blood levels were very much improved. My doctor sees no need for medication at this point.

I have arrived at a place where I am happier and more whole spiritually. I have started a new professional path and the new life habits I have acquired have improved the quality of my life. Gina’s support and guidance have been essential to my success. The path that Gina set me upon provided tools and insight that will serve me well for the rest of my life. I feel incredibly fortunate that I found her when I did. I am grateful I have Gina as a partner as I continue my life journey."
Holly H., 52 Portland, Maine


"I'm a 41 year old holistic social worker.
I practice yoga and get outside with my border collie daily. I also eat well and have fun! Receiving polarity therapy is the form of energy/body work that I find essential to keep myself fully connected and balanced. Receiving this work from Gina is very much a spiritual practice for me-it's quietly powerful. I consult Gina first with issues going on - she's a wealth of knowledge!"
Troi Boulanger, South Portland, Maine


"Polarity therapy has been an integral part of my life for the past two years. I began in hopes of finding my way through a confusing and painful time and, while this has been a part of what we have done, it has actually been much more. Polarity has helped my mind and my body and my spirit to hang out together and value what each other have to say. And it has helped me find an inner touchstone that both comforts and inspires me."
D.W., Portland, Maine


"As a counselor trained in traditional mental health interventions I have personally found polarity to be very effective. The focus on balance, nutrition, energy and lifestyle has been my recipe for health ! As a 42 year-old woman with two children and a demanding full time job polarity on a regular basis keeps me grounded and able to flow with life's ups and downs with ease and a sense of humor! My appointments are "my time" the most valuable self-care I do!

Gina has a particular gift as a practitioner. She is intuitive, patient and talented. I always feel she is giving me her full attention and after my sessions I feel energized, clear and ready to continue my day."
W.W, Portland, Maine


"Through working with Gina for the past two years, I am becoming more mindful, grounded and joyful. Gina is highly skilled with a wonderfully healing combination of knowledge, compassion and intuition. And, yes, patience. I am aware that she has been incredibly patient as I heal deeply from the wounds of my own thought patterns, childhood sexual abuse, and more recently, breast cancer. Not only do I receive profound support during my polarity sessions with Gina, but through her I have learned some home practices that help to sustain me. Among these are the importance of ritual, Ayurvedic principles and nutrition, Abhyanga, and chanting. The chanting vibrations seem to quiet, energize, and nourish my mind, body and spirit. I chant as part of my morning ritual, but often spontaneously find myself chanting throughout the day. And, the journey of joyful healing continues. With gratitude."
J.H. , 58, Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist


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